Hello, my name is Bas van de Poel. I work as Head of Playful Research at IKEA’s future-living lab SPACE10 in Copenhagen. In my spare time I chill and do some more work for Dekmantel.

My creative output has been recognized by
Fast Company, Wallpaper, Wired, Nowness, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Der SpiegelHypebeastDezeen and various other publications.

I’ve worked both freelance and full-time for Facebook, Anomaly Amsterdam, W+K London, BBH London, Dawn, T-Mobile's FutureLab and …,staat Amsterdam.

Selected clients include Google, Nike, IKEA, Converse, Patta, Triodos Bank, Tony's Chocolonely and Dekmantel.

Frequently working in collaboration with other creative misfits. Providing 100% legitimate design, art and tech solutions.

✉️  b@basvandepoel.com

?  +31 (0)6 11 95 45 98